Studio Photography

New year, new studio photography trick (or why didn’t I think of this earlier?!) I usually photograph large works on my design wall. Pinning heavy pieces, and keeping them straight, is a challenge/chore and light coloured works don’t show up against the white background. I have never used a hanging rod, because the studio roof… Read More →

Delegation and Outsourcing

Yesterday, I wrote about empowerment that comes with learning new skills.  Mindful delegation also brings empowerment.  Recognising that you cannot be an expert in all things, and thoughtfully outsourcing to people or services with complementary skill sets, can free you up to focus on assignments that bring you joy and satisfaction. Against this background, I… Read More →

Seven Easy Ways to Resize Images

This tutorial sets out seven easy ways to resize images.  It concentrates on my go-to photo-editing tools – Photoshop Elements and the Photogene iPad app – but also covers free photo software  GIMP,  Irfanview, and Picasa 3 and some built-in features of Microsoft software and Macs.  As this is a long post, here is a table… Read More →

Quilts, Photographs & Galleries

Thanks to the Textile Art Resources Guide, I have found out about an article written by Paul Sugden for The Australian Forum for Textile Arts: Legally Speaking, Paul Sugden on Quilts, Photographs & Galleries. In this article, he discusses a conflict that that arose when a photographer who was hired by a gallery to take… Read More →

Audition Time

As I have mentioned before, I find my digital camera a very useful design tool. For example, this week I have been working on a small quilt (70x90cm) as a potential gift for friend that provides great hospitality when I travel to quilting events further afield. I was getting bogged down on what order to… Read More →

One swallow does not a summer make…

If you are reading this post, if means the weather forecast was right and rain is preventing me from accessing the internet. However, before the bad weather set in, I did catch enough time to schedule this post and place my order for Gloria Hansen’s new book Digital Essentials. Gloria has always been so generous… Read More →

Transparency Tricks

I haven’t quite made it back to the sewing machine yet as I have been working on updating some of the instructions on patterns of my original quilt designs including Seaside Treasures:    Thanks to this useful tutorial for creating transparent backgrounds in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, mentioned on Blogging Basics 101, I have been… Read More →

My head hurts

I now remember why I haven’t updated my contemporary quilts website for a while. It’s because I wanted to use some better quilt images which means spending more time nutting out Photoshop Elements which has to be one of the most frustrating software applications around. Take this photo of my latest quilt, for example: You… Read More →

It’s All About Resolution

As a 21st century quiltmaker with a digital camera, a blog, a website and occasional publication in the print media, I find it useful to understand the difference between low and high resolution digital images. More importantly, in order to better communicate with the viewers of my quilts, it is essential to understand the optimum… Read More →

In a different light

Today’s assignment demonstrates that I have lots to learn about quilt photography and, in particular, lighting. Taking raw shots of my Autumn Splendour quilt as an example, you will see that I photographed each quilt under four conditions (clockwise): flash, no-flash, under lights and flash with lights. In virtually every case, the no-flash photo turned… Read More →