Giving up random giveaways – keeping things legal

Giveaways are commonplace in the blogosphere. From time to time, I have hosted giveaways for wonderful small goodies myself.  Somewhere on the periphery of my former lawyer brain, I was aware that competitions, contests and lotteries are regulated but I blithely thought that my modest giveaways were exempt and the rules only applied to big… Read More →

New Blog Reading

As part of preparing for the retirement of Google Reader, I took the opportunity to review my subscriptions. There were a lot of blogs on my list that are no longer active. I deleted other blogs as they no longer hold my interest. Finally, there were blogs that are new to me and I wanted… Read More →

Blog Reading After the Demise of Google Reader

The Benefits of RSS Readers When I first started hanging out in the blogosphere, it soon became apparent that manually checking blogs to see if there was anything new was not a very efficient approach. I learned about RSS feeds and signed up for an aggregation/reader service. In simple terms, I created a list of… Read More →

How to Add a Pinterest Slideshow in WordPress & Blogger

Kate Themel, regional representative for SAQA Connecticut, recently shared how to create a slideshow of the 2013 SAQA Benefit Auction quilts using the slideshow widget in Blogger linked to SAQA’s Pinterest board of auction quilts.  After some online research and some poking around, I worked out how display recent Pinterest pins from my own boards in… Read More →

Copyright Infringement & Letters of Demand Resources

Two or three months ago, I discovered that an Australian enterprise was using an image of one of my distinctive improvisational quilts as the background for its promotional materials in a wide range of online and print media. I will not go into specific details but I am pleased to say that direct telephone contact,… Read More →

Gone fishin’

Not really, but I have headed off to Tasmania for some R&R in the great outdoors. Internet access is likely to be patchy so I may be offline for a few days. In the meantime, you might like to head over to Crescendoh for a fabulous giveaway of TWELVE ! copies of the Twelve by… Read More →

Willing Ways

With a recent family bereavement, it’s not surprising that I’ve been reflecting on what I’d leave behind if I should happen to die today. I’m not talking about what is my “legacy”? although that is an interesting question too. Rather, I’m talking about the more humdrum practical details of sorting out personal affairs following the… Read More →

Evolutionary Blog Revamp

Following my post Seeking Feedback on Premium WordPress Themes and advice from Lisa Call, I didn’t spend any more time deliberating the relative merits of the different options – I just picked one and ran with it. I’m using the Prose Theme on the Genesis Framework [affiliate link] which as you can see is a… Read More →

Fun with Google Fonts

Over at Blogger Buzz, Blogger has announced that there are now 77 special fonts available to use on your blog. You can see the selection at Google Fonts. To try it out on your Blogspot blog, go into the Advanced tab of the Blogger Template Designer for your blog, select the type of text you’d… Read More →

Seeking feedback on premium WordPress Themes

I was interested to read The 10 Biggest Mistakes Artists and Creatives Make at Internet Marketing (and How to Fix Them) by Mark McGuinness and to see that he advocates that creative businesses use a self-hosted WordPress platform with a premium theme/framework. This reinforced an item high on my action list for 2011 – to… Read More →