Watching Grass Grow

The current project on my design wall is intended as a potential entry for the SAQA exhibition Concrete & Grasslands that opens for registration from 1-30 September 2015.* (If I can get it done in time, I might also submit it for the Gosford Art Prize that closes on 14 September.) The Concrete & Grasslands… Read More →

Keep It Simple

After the complexity of making High Country Lupins #3, I have felt an urge to simplify my work.  Recently, I have been exploring pared back lines, fields of colour and the design principle of economy.  And guess what I am discovering anew?  Elegant simplicity is hard.  Really hard.  From a visual perspective, every line and… Read More →

Staying True

True Blue, the theme of the 2015 AQC Challenge, was announced months ago.  If you are not familiar with this term, according to the Australian National Dictionary Centre at the Australian National University, it has its origins in the medieval period when the colour blue was the symbol of loyalty, constancy, faithfulness, and truth; does… Read More →

Dreaming in Colour: The Jury’s Decision

Last month I shared with you, in more or less real time, The Process of Creating Dreaming in Colour – my entry for for the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork/ European Patchwork Meeting 2014 contest- Imagine.   I was drawn to this contest not for the substantial prize money on offer but the opportunity to have my work… Read More →

Dreaming in Colour: Entry Submitted!

It’s  nearly three weeks since I decided I would try and complete an entry for for the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork/ European Patchwork Meeting 2014 contest- Imagine.   Although this hasn’t been the only project I’ve been working on,  it has been quite intense.  In case you missed them, here are my previous posts about the process… Read More →

Dreaming in Colour: Approaching the Finish Line

I finished quilting Dreaming in Colour on the weekend. There have been a few hitches along the way. Don’t you hate it when this happens?! Here’s a shot showing before and after quilting: There are a couple of changes that might not be immediately perceptible.  The first is that I decided that the blue line… Read More →

Dreaming in Colour: Quilting in Progress

I have reached the half way mark in quilting Dreaming in Colour. After some auditioning, I decided against including hand cross-stitch elements.  This was partly for aesthetic reasons.  I enjoy adding cross-stitch to my work (see, for example, Dreamlines #3) but in this case, it seemed to detract from the design unless I did a… Read More →

Dreaming in Colour: Let the Quilting Begin

The top of Dreaming in Colour is complete! Then I delved into the fabric mountain to find a suitable backing. I like my backings to relate to the front in some way and the motif on this fabric (Flutter Bright by The Woodrow Studio) has a familiar feel: However, I had more meterage of this… Read More →

Dreaming in Colour: Update from the Rainbow Room

Dreaming in Colour is coming together. There are a couple of rows of dancing shapes to go along the bottom – or maybe a row on the top and the bottom.  Decisions. Decisions.  The next step will be to audition some different colour combinations. I can always look out the window for inspiration! This the… Read More →

Dreaming in Colour: Taking Shape

Dreaming in Colour is starting to take shape.  I am so glad that I introduced the triangle/quadrilateral elements.  As I was working on this piece,  I was reminded of the parabolic lines and shapes that feature in the colourful works of Australian artist Michael Johnson.  Or am I just imagining things?! I was a little… Read More →