An Embroidered Tale

As you may recall, six weeks ago, I signed up for Sharon B’s online embroidery and design course, Sumptuous Surfaces. Part of the appeal of the course is that you can work at your own level, at your own pace. This is just as well as I am making very slow progress:     (Yes, these… Read More →

For a Red Hat Lady

Here is some foundation strip piecing that I have been working on to make a bag (something like this) for my mother-in-law: The selected colour scheme is influenced by the Red Hat Society as Mimi belongs to a social group of widows that, much to Mimi’s chagrin!, has red hat affiliations.

From this to this

Today I put my quilting, quilt show admin and chores to one side and joined three friends for a day of felting. I’d love to take you step by step through the process but…well I took my camera but left the memory card back at home (duh). So here’s a snapshot. Start with 50 grams… Read More →

Early Inspiration

A few years ago now, I undertook an online City & Guilds patchwork and quilting course with Linda Kemshall. One of the course modules involved selecting and researching three contemporary quiltmakers and making a piece inspired by their style or technique. For my three quiltmakers, I chose: Judy Hooworth (Australia); Vikki Pignatelli (USA) – because… Read More →

A hive of industry

Whoops, Maggie’s Mum was meant to be much too busy to be reading my blog and seeing what we are up to. To preserve the surprise element, yesterday was decreed to be a no-blog day. Besides, Maggie and I have been very busy. Together we have made 15 small quilts in less than two days!… Read More →

Making things with Maggie

This is for my sister Amy who, perhaps with an eye to monitoring my aunt potential, sent me this e-mail: “I keep looking at your blog to see what you and Maggie have been up to – but there are no more updates yet!” Yesterday Maggie went to riding school and got to hang out… Read More →

Bags Too

Here’s a photo of my two fruit bags finished: My sewing machine is a Bernina 150QE. I deliberately chose this machine because it doesn’t have a multitude of decorative stitches. However, I do find the wavy stitch (No 4) very useful for these kinds of projects – just make sure that you adjust the stitch… Read More →

Bag of Fruit

I have to say that all these Christmas surprises kind of cramp one’s blogging style. However, I think it is safe to say that my grandmother doesn’t read my blog, so here’s a progress shot of the tote bag that I am making her: My sister Delia gave me the fruit theme fabric a couple… Read More →

Paua Bag Finished

For those of you who admired my paua-inspired foundation piecing, here it it is made up into a tote bag. Side one: And the other side: Adhering to my resolution NOT to buy more fabric for these bags, I used some synthetic lilac fabric that was lurking in my stash (from my experimentation with fabric… Read More →

The Bag Lady

I am slowly making my way through the spectrum of my batik scraps. Today’s combination draws its inspiration from the paua (abalone) shell from New Zealand: Paua is also the inspiration for a fabric range put out by New Zealand textile house Nutex. As I mentioned to Helen foundation piecing in this way is NOT… Read More →