AQC Inspirations

Another highlight from the Australasian Quilt Convention was the opportunity to meet the other tutors and to view their work. I especially enjoyed attending a presentation by Jane Sassaman in which she shared some slides of her inspirations, early work and creative environment. On my return home, I found this image of a tote bag… Read More →

Embroidery Days

Well it seems that I have successfully upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.7. Upgrading is always a vaguely nerve-wracking process but if you back up thoroughly and then follow the steps methodically, everything goes smoothly. My Mum is visiting at the moment. She’s working on embroidering a printed linen tablecloth that was among the belongings… Read More →

Pacific Place Mats Free Pattern

I’ve dispatched my belated Christmas gifts and, in the spirit of giving, now share with you a free pattern for my Pacific-themed table place mats. The Pacific Place Mats are quick and easy to make. The instructions almost took longer to put together. This pattern is provided for personal use only. Please respect my copyright.Pacific… Read More →

Happy [Belated] Christmas

I may be a few months late, but I’ve just made six table mats as gifts for Christmas 2007. I really like the way they turned out and am thinking of putting together a free pattern that can be downloaded in pdf format. Let me know if this would be of any interest.

It’s done!

Back in September, I started knitting myself a jersey for my Christmas sojourn in Pittsburgh. Here it is. I’d model it myself but it’s rather warm here today.

Catch Up Mode

I’ve been in catch up mode since getting back from New Zealand last week. I’d left my studio in a rush and a mess and I really needed to set things straight before I could start on any projects. That process continues but I have also managed to finish this Christmas present for my mother-in-law… Read More →

One down, five to go

I’ve completed all the piecing (please ignore the chopped of points) and quilting (yes, I know meandering shows a lack of imagination but I wasn’t looking to make a statement here). Although it’s time consuming, the red mitred binding really finishes the placemats off nicely:

Piece by Piece

It’s been a while since I have done any traditional piecing but today I made a start on some festive placemats to take to America with me at Christmas time:

Getting sidetracked

So I went shopping today to buy some more batting and quilting threads. In addition, I came home with some yummy variegated Paton’s Jet wool that was on sale:      I recently discovered that my two favourite jerseys have been moth-munched so I need to knit up a new one for Christmas in America. (My… Read More →

I told you…

I have stripes on the brain: This quilt is slightly larger than a fat quarter and is intended to be used with soft toys.