Getting sidetracked

So I went shopping today to buy some more batting and quilting threads. In addition, I came home with some yummy variegated Paton’s Jet wool that was on sale:

I recently discovered that my two favourite jerseys have been moth-munched so I need to knit up a new one for Christmas in America. (My version will cover my belly button – it will be winter after all.)


  1. I dug out my knitting I started to teach myself over 2 years ago. It’s sitting handy, but haven’t touched it yet! Looks like your wool will turn into a lovely jumper

  2. As a New Yorker, born and bred, and now a quilter, I was surprised when I was led to this site and found out that there was a city named after a nightclub. I’ve been to the club but never the city. maybe some day…… love your blog BTW-
    and I knit too.