Join me in Houston: International Quilt Festival 2017

a matter of time completes its exhibition tour at the International Quilt Festival in Houston 2017 (with thanks to eQuilter) and I am accompanying the exhibit. You can find me at Aisle L on Main Street for gallery talks each day at 11am and 2pm with a special after-class talk at 5.30pm on Saturday 4… Read More →

Modern Quilt Show Australia 2016

The Modern Quilt Show Australia 2016 is on this weekend at Glebe Town Hall in Sydney. The winners will be announced at the official opening and preview event on Friday evening and the show is open at from 10 am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. My work Secret Women’s Business: Every Woman Bleeds will… Read More →

Staying True

True Blue, the theme of the 2015 AQC Challenge, was announced months ago.  If you are not familiar with this term, according to the Australian National Dictionary Centre at the Australian National University, it has its origins in the medieval period when the colour blue was the symbol of loyalty, constancy, faithfulness, and truth; does… Read More →

Topsy Turvy Cover Girl

Topsy Turvy is a freeform, improvisational design created with solid coloured-fabrics for extra oomph. It features as a project in Issue 67 of Quilters Companion that goes on sale tomorrow.  You can’t miss the cover!

Still Scrapping

Just a couple of blocks and seams to go and I have a top:

Solid Scraps

One way or another, I seem to have accumulated lots of scraps of solid coloured fabric.  It’s time to play!

Topsy Turvy Work in Progress

Things are rather topsy turvy here at Casa da Praia as our home maintenance project continues.  This week the plasterer visited with the result that we have smooth walls but there is a layer of fine white dust   e_v_e_r_y_w_h_e_r_e.   I can’t do much to help at this stage so I retreat to my studio to… Read More →

Serendipity On Display

Thank you to Ali George who kindly snapped these photo of my quilts on display at the Stitches and Craft Show at Newcastle last weekend.: Look how the light catches those circular quilting motifs on Revolutions.  (I marked these circles using nested circle templates from Westalee and stitched the circles with my walking foot.) If… Read More →

Modern X in Quilters Companion

As you can see from the Serendipity Student Gallery, students in my X Factor and Modern X workshops have had great fun exploring the X and cross blocks. Now you can too! My Modern X design is a project in issue No 61 of Quilters Companion that is available in newsagents later this week:  … Read More →

Gay Marriage Equality Quilt Design

Before the gay marriage equality logo went viral on social media last month, it was already a familiar motif to me, albeit in a different context. Back in 2007-2008, when I was developing designs for my Power Stripping workshop, I made this quilt that I called “Power Points” because the motif recalled an electricity outlet… Read More →