How to Add a Pinterest Slideshow in WordPress & Blogger

Kate Themel, regional representative for SAQA Connecticut, recently shared how to create a slideshow of the 2013 SAQA Benefit Auction quilts using the slideshow widget in Blogger linked to SAQA’s Pinterest board of auction quilts.  After some online research and some poking around, I worked out how display recent Pinterest pins from my own boards in a sidebar slideshow format in both WordPress and Blogger.   Here are the results of my research:

WordPress Plugins for Pinterest RSS Feeds

I looked at several WordPress plugins that purport to retrieve images from Pinterest RSS feeds and display them on self-hosted WordPress blogs. I found the Ultimate Photo Widget for Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest to be most suitable for my purposes.

  1. Install and activate plugin via Dashboard>Plugins>Add New.
  2. Drag the Ultimate Photo Widget to your sidebar via Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets
  3. Configure the widget to your desired settings.  (In addition to the slideshow format, this widget also offers vertical and tile display styling options.)
  4. Save.
  5. Check that slideshow is working correctly.

This screenshot shows the settings I used to display images from my board for The Oceania Collection, works donated by SAQA members from the Oceania region for the 2013 SAQA Benefit Auction. There are 32 works in this collection. Be aware that this widget only displays up to 20 of the most recent images added to the RSS feed for the relevant source.

Configuring Ultimate Photo Widget

Pinterest Slideshow Using Blogger Slideshow Gadget

This method directly links each slideshow image to its pin page on Pinterest.

1. Get the Pinterest RSS Feed URL: For a specific user, the feed URL is user’s profile URL + feed/rss.  For a specific board, the feed URL is board’s URL + rss.  For example: my feed URL is: and the feed URL for my Oceania collection board is

2. Reformat the Feed URL for the Slideshow Gadget: A special Yahoo pipe converts the Pinterest feed URL into a format that is acceptable as an input for the Blogger Slideshow gadget.  Replace:

  • the value of feedURL with the feed URL from step 1; and
  • the value of pinCount at the end of the code with the number of latest pins you want to display in the slideshow. You can choose a value from 1 to 25. Inserting a higher number will have no effect.

For example, here is the code that links to a specific board:

This is the code that links to my Pinterest account generally:

3. Add the slideshow gadget to your Blogger blog:

  • Log into Blogger>Dashboard>Layout>Add a Gadget>Slideshow
  • Choose “Other” as the Source
  • Insert the converted feed URL from Step 2 as the Feed URL
  • Configure the rest of the gadget as desired
  • Save and check the slideshow is working correctly.

This is the configuration of the Pinterest slideshow that is displayed in the sidebar of the SAQA Oceania blog.

Configure Slideshow Gadget

Official Pinterest Board Widget

If you have a “business” Pinterest account, you can use the Pinterest Widget Builder to show up to up to 30 of your favorite board’s latest pins.

Use Pinterest responsibly for a vibrant and ethical creative community.
See Pinterest, Copyright and Spam – for Visual Artists & Photographers.


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