Art Quilt Australia 2017: Flourish!

ART QUILT AUSTRALIA 2017 opens tonight at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery (Royal Park), Launceston, Tasmania and continues on exhibition to Sunday 22 October 2017. This is an open, juried exhibition presented by Ozquilt Network and I am delighted that Flourish! (90x90cm) is one of 49 works on display. Flourish! Brenda Gael Smith

Flourish! (90x90cm) Orange gum blossoms exude sheer energy with their chartreuse centres attracting bees from all around the neighbourhood.

Flourish! (detail) Brenda Gael SmithFlourish! is a larger variation of the orange gum blossom textile sketch from Week 23 of my weekly art project and is inspired by a particular tree that is on my walking route. The work is densely stitched creating lots of texture in the negative space.  The textural effect is enhanced by variegated threads used for the tendrils and background.

gum blossoms
Here are some work in progress shots from the design wall:
It’s fun working with these clear, high chroma colours and to take advantage of varying degrees of saturation that naturally occur with hand-dyed fabrics. Playing with the hue slider in Photoshop reveals other exciting colour combinations

A comprehensive online gallery for ART QUILT AUSTRALIA 2017 will be published later today. Thank you to Ozquilt Network for organising this opportunity to showcase textile art from across Australia and OZQN members worldwide.


  1. Robin Klein says:

    I love your work and understand it well. On one of your earlier blogs in this series you explained your process, since then I can not wait until you post the next quilt. I wish you 1st place and how did you do with your art exhibit or is it still going on? I wish I was there to see it. Best of Luck!

    • Thank you for your kind words Robin. Other works are prize winners in Art Quilt Australia 2017 but I am very happy to be part of this exhibition. Look out for my solo exhibition in early 2018 too!

  2. Jen Murdoch says:

    I’ll be there to see it over the next week or looking forward to it. Thanks Brenda for sharing some of your method.

    • I am envious that you get to see the Art Quilt Australia 2017 exhibition in the cloth. I hope you have an opportunity to share with some friends and talk about the works that catch your attention.