Weekly Art Project: Week 43

Before I present my textile sketch for Week 43 of my weekly art project, I would like to share a short story about gymea lilies. The year was 1989, I had moved from New Zealand to Sydney in January to commence my legal career with an international law firm. I was keen to explore my new city and surroundings but every weekend it rained. Seriously, at the time the newspapers (remember those?!) reported a record number of consecutive wet weekends. 16 or 18 come to mind but I can’t verify this offhand. Whatever the number, by July it had a tangible effect on the mood of the city. Everyone seemed a little glum.

Or maybe it was me. I had seriously underestimated the challenge of moving to a new city and making new friends. My job was interesting and challenging and the people were pleasant enough but those relationships did not extend beyond the office. So I was really looking forward to a childhood friend visiting from New Zealand and fervently hoped the weather would clear for us to go hiking. My wish was granted. The sun came out and we took the train to the Royal National Park on the southern outskirts of Sydney. We walked the track to Audley Weir and rented a row boat to paddle upstream.  That July day is seared in my memory – the warmth of the winter sun; the warmth of friendship; the sounds and laughter of other people happy to be outdoors after the big wet; the laugh of the kookaburras; and the rich red of the impossibly large gymea lily blooms atop the spear-like stalks. So alien but oh so beautiful.
gymea lily
And here it is, July again. The gymea lilies are coming into bloom. I couldn’t do this project without recording their unusual form.

Gymea Lily Gymea Sketch

Weekly Art Project Week 43 - Gymea Lily Brenda Gael SmithWeekly Art Project Week 43 - Gymea Lily Brenda Gael Smith

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