Weekly Art Project: Week 30

It’s week 30 of my self-guided weekly art project and the bird theme continues. This time my attention turned to galahs – pink breasted cockatoos. Galahs like to forage on foot in grassy areas. Our home is hopelessly devoid of anything resembling lawn so we don’t see them in our yard but they do congregate elsewhere at Copacabana. This blurry snap was taken on my morning walk over Easter

GalahIn Australian slang, a galah is associated with gaudy dress. I decided to exercise some artistic licence and amp up the colour even more as I wanted to reference the pink used in the Pigface textile sketch from Week 1:

Pigface and Galah textile sketches by Brenda Gael Smith

Weekly Art Project Week 30 Galah

Weekly Art Project Week 30 Galah

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  1. Catts Whiskers says:

    In Australian slang Galah means “fool” or Idiot..or used to describe someone in a derogatory term meaning a loud mouth idiot.
    derived from the aboriginal word Gilaa Kakatoe Rosecapilla… please get your facts straight – nothing to do with loud dresses…

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog Catt Whiskers. I agree that idiot or fool is the primary slang meaning for galah. However, I have also heard the term used to refer to a flashy, somewhat tasteless dress.
      mentions this too and it was this sense that I highlighted in my post. Either way, galahs seem rather unjustly maligned. Their plumage is beautiful and the ones I have spent time with seemed pretty smart. Of course, as someone who grew up in another country, I am not an expert in Australian vernacular. Isn’t language fun?!