Dreaming in Colour: Quilting in Progress

I have reached the half way mark in quilting Dreaming in Colour.
After some auditioning, I decided against including hand cross-stitch elements.  This was partly for aesthetic reasons.  I enjoy adding cross-stitch to my work (see, for example, Dreamlines #3) but in this case, it seemed to detract from the design unless I did a great deal of finessing with the scale and curve of the stitching lines.  Timing constraints and practical factors clinched my decision.  Entries close of 26 June and this work is made from tightly woven Pimatex cotton which is difficult to hand-stitch…
dreaming-in-colourwip10I am straight line stitching the coloured shapes and pebble-circle stitching the blue background.  I have renewed admiration for makers who stitch in dark colours.  I have fantastic natural light in my studio but the dark blue is hard on the eyes sometimes.  Back to the machine while I am feeling fresh!

This the latest update in my series of blog posts about the process of creating Dreaming in Colour. I invite you to follow along.