Triad Dyeing

I have been asked to expand upon my earlier post about triad dyeing. I don’t think this is a technical dyeing term but it does describe the triangular arrangement that arises when you take three initial colours (not necessarily primaries) and apply the following dye ratios:
5:4:1     4:1:5
1:8:1     1:5:4     1:1:8

I use procion dyes and this approach can be applied to both low-immersion and bucket-dyeing techniques. Simply arrange six dyeing receptacles in a triangle and measure out the dye solutions like so:
Triad Diagram
The ‘corner’ lots will be predominantly red, blue and yellow respectively but you end up with some wonderful cross over colours in between. Here are some triad-dyed fabrics. Remarkably, the set of fabrics on the right started out with a bright red, blue and yellow. Ah the serendipity!
For more detailed step-by-step dyeing tutorials and heaps of other information, see Fabric Dyeing 101. One day I would love to do a workshop with Carol Soderland just as Diane is doing right now!


  1. thanks for the formula – I’ve been itching to do some dying, and our weather is just about right for it!