The Enforcer

While analysing stats for the Guild’s website, I came across a blog that had copied an image and descripition of the 2007 Best of Show quilt WITHOUT consent. Given the context of the post, it appears that the writer’s intention was to share the wonder of this quilt with others but the way she went about it was wrong, wrong, wrong. I duly dispatched an e-mail requesting that the offending image and description be removed and this has been done. Phew!

Playing the role of “The Enforcer” is never fun but is necessary. Lorelle on WordPress has written a comprehensive article setting out What You Should Do if Some One Steals Your Content. Bookmark it – you never know when you might need it!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the link to Lorelle’s article, Brenda. Fascinating and very very helpful. I now understand a bit more about how these things work.

  2. And thanks for being a defender of the RIGHT – copyright that is.

    Well done! We have to help each other to spread the word, educate, and protect each other’s work. Thank you for being the knight in shining armor on this one!