Weekly Art Project: Week 18

I am back on land for Week 18 of my weekly art project. In the crossover zone between the edge of the water and the end of the dunes, you can see the tidelines and the patterns formed by accretions of sand and debris. A constant process of renewal and erasure. I am experimenting with… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 17

For Week 17 of my weekly art project, I continue underwater near the rockpool at the northern end of the beach at Copacabana. This time my focus is the lush seagrass.  I really wanted to capture the way it moves with the waves: A video posted by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith) on Jan 10, 2017… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 16

For Week 16 of my weekly art project, I go underwater. On Christmas Day I borrowed the Laundry King’s waterproof camera and took some photos of the kelp encrusted rocks while swimming at the northern end of Copacabana. I am no Jacques Cousteau – between short sightedness, foggy goggles and just trying to stay in… Read More →

Studio Photography

New year, new studio photography trick (or why didn’t I think of this earlier?!) I usually photograph large works on my design wall. Pinning heavy pieces, and keeping them straight, is a challenge/chore and light coloured works don’t show up against the white background. I have never used a hanging rod, because the studio roof… Read More →

Tutorial: How to Attach Textile Art to a Stretched Canvas

This tutorial show one method for attaching your textile art to a stretched canvas in a way that allows for the work to be easily removed later if desired. Experiment and see what works for you.  There are many options available. Background For a while now I have been wanting to try mounting my small… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 15

For Week 15 of my weekly art project, I turn my back on the ocean and look back to the dunes.  If the word “dune” conjures up visions of exposed sandhills, think again. Here at Copacabana, the dunes are stabilised by scraggly vegetation thanks in part to the community efforts of the Bush Care group… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 14

For Week 14 of my self-guided weekly art project, and coinciding with the festive season, I decided to highlight one of the many norfolk pines (aka living Christmas trees) that form part of the view from my studio: Norfolk pines have a distinctive form with widely spaced branches and a symmetrical, triangular outline. A few… Read More →

Serendipity Studio Newsletter: 7 Steps for a Creative 2017

Take a look at  the latest issue of the Serendipity Studio Newsletter where I share 7 steps for a creative 2017 and other news and happenings. 1 January is just two weeks away. It’s a great time to review your accomplishments in 2016 (small and large) and to set intention for the new year ahead…. Read More →

Serendipity Workshops at NZ National Quilting Symposium 2017

I invite you to join me for a workshop at the NZ National Quilt Symposium in Christchurch, 6-10 October 2017. The registration book was posted out this week and the full listing of classes is now available online. Register for Symposium now so as to secure the lowest possible registration number and to optimise your… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 13

The coastal theme continues in Week 13 of my Weekly Art Project. Each day, weather permitting, I take a walk along the beach.  I like to follow the line where the golden sands meet the water – the sand is firm and the waves lap your ankles and erase your footprints. I auditioned some fabrics… Read More →