Weekly Art Project: Week 44

For Week 44 of my weekly art project, I present a textile sketch of another other-worldly plant – the matchstick bromeliad. I pass a clump of these plants each day at the top of the stairs coming back from my walk and they come into flower over winter.

At first, I resisted featuring bromeliads in this project as they are native to South America rather than endemic at my Copacabana. Upon reflection, I have dispensed with the only-natives rule. After all, I have already included jacaranda blooms (week 7) and they are not native either.


Besides the spiky arched form of the matchstick bromeliad fits right in with the motifs used in many of my wildflower-inspired works (see Wildflowers portfolio page).

Weekly Art Project - Week 44 - Matchstick Bromeliad - Brenda Gael Smith And another chartreuse background in the Copa Abstractions collection doesn’t go astray either.

Weekly Art Project - Week 44 - Matchstick Bromeliad - Brenda Gael Smith

I look forward to seeing YOUR weekly art project. New participants are welcome to join in at any time.   It would be wonderful to see your work. Be sure to link back to your specific blog/social media post so that we can learn more about your inspiration and process.

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