A new project: Serendipity at Copacabana

As the focus of my studio practice has moved to larger works, I have found myself missing the playfulness, exploration and productivity of regularly creating smaller works such as the Twelve by Twelve international art quilt challenge. I’ve also missed having stuff to share on this blog. (Marathon stitching sessions don’t lend themselves to sharing much.) What to do?

Some of my friends are participating in the 100 days project but the daily timing didn’t suit my rhythms and commitments.  After reflecting on different models, I have decided to undertake a new project. Each week, I will complete a 6x6inch textile work in abstract form reflecting my surroundings here at Copacabana.  I will commit to this until at least the end of 2016 (15 weeks) but, assuming that I am enjoying the process, my goal is to complete a full year’s cycle.

Week 1 is inspired by the pigface succulents that are coming into bloom on the dunes:

pigfaceWorking in a 6×6 format is new for me so I did a rough version on the design wall to familiarise myself with the scale.

planningHere is the completed work displayed in a Ribba frame from IKEA.  The edges are shown cropped as the mount is only 13x13cm (5.1 in):


Here is full version:

week1-mountI will set up a dedicated gallery page for this project but first I need to come up with a catchy name.  I am brainstorming some ideas and welcome your suggestions. I am looking forward to next week!


  1. Annie White says:

    Great idea! Looking forward to updates

  2. Catherine McDonald says:

    I will enjoy these as I love your use of colour. I am also doing a week by week challenge. It wont be a full year as is based around a specific event but I am up to week 23 of about 35 weeks. I did get behind in the making but not the design notes so caufght up recently

  3. Love this idea. May I pinch it (or something like that) for myself for next year? A couple of years ago I did a year of ‘stitching every day’, where I missed only seven days for the year. It would be nice to do something which will produce a cohesive body of work.

  4. Great that you took that creative practice idea and made it your own. I’ll look forward to seeing your progression. I call my little 5″ improv pieces ‘textile sketches’, don’t know if that might help in the naming problem.

  5. Great idea! How about “notes from home” or “a note from home”

  6. Great idea! I’ve been thinking along the same lines as you – one day was not going to work. But one a week – I’m on.

  7. Lovely! I’m looking forward to seeing your new little quilts.

  8. Alison Laurence says:

    That’s exciting Brenda!

  9. We did a olour hallenge in 6×6 and it was fabulous! We called them sinchies! Cause of the size…and they are a cinch to make!

  10. Candy Walker says:

    #wap6 #instaweek6 #weeksta6 #explay6 #wex6
    Weekly exploration & play within six sounds excellent


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