Following the conclusion of the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery this week, it was time to pack up the collection and send it to the United Kingdom for display at the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK (8-11 August).

One of my students recently recommended zipped pillow protectors for quilt storage.  They are robust, economical and washable.  Serendipitously, they are also wide enough to fit the 100x40cm (LxW) BTSS works, albeit with a fold.
Beneath the Southern SkyMy next challenge was to find a suitable box for shipping.  Easier said, than done!  Boxes sold at the Post Office are too small  and so many stores have disposal and recycling systems that do not accommodate people off the street box hunting.  Fortunately, I found the perfect sized box at the art gallery.  It was holding stacks of foam cups at the time but we soon changed that!
Beneath the Southern SkyI then sealed the textile works in heavy weight, bright orange plastic taking care to clearly address the packages on the outside.  (I have heard horror stories about quilts carried in opaque rubbish bags being thrown out!)  Beneath the Southern SkyAfter wrapping the box in brown paper and securing it with packing tape, I lodged the parcel with my friendly post office here at Copacabana.  According to the tracking, the parcel is now winging its way to the UK. Beneath the Southern Sky
I will be relieved when Helen Conway lets me know that the exhibit has arrived safe and sound.   Look out for the exhibition (and Helen!) in Birmingham.Beneath the Southern Sky @ FoQ


  1. Dijanne Cevaal says:

    My goodness you have done a lot of work with this exhibition- I really appreciate it!

    • Thanks for your kind words Dijanne. As someone who has coordinated their fair share of exhibitions, you know how much is involved but it is rewarding too:-)