Allagai Waves in Australian Patchwork & Quilting

Here is a snapshot of Dreamlines #5: Allagai Waves on display at the Sydney Quilt Show 2013. You can read about the Evolution of Allagai Waves in a couple of earlier blog posts. It was made specifically for the Golden Textures exhibition in Maryborough, Victoria in February 2013 but, since I couldn’t get to Victoria, this is the first time that I have viewed the work outside my studio.
Dreamlines #5: Allagai Waves
Speaking of Golden Textures, there is a great selection of 22 images  from the exhibition in the latest issue of Australian Patchwork @ Quilting Magazine. Look out for this cover РVol 22, No 9:
Australian Patchwork & Quilting Vol 22 No (
This issue also includes profile interviews with Julie Haddrick, Gloria Loughman and young quiltmakers Casey, Tegan and Briana Denneny.