Background Information for Teaching Assignments

This part of the website sets out some background information for shops and groups that are interested in engaging me as a workshop tutor.

Travelling Expenses: Because I like to bring LOTS of quilts, teaching samples and my own sewing machine, I prefer to drive to the teaching venue if this is feasible. For workshops outside of the Central Coast area, I generally charge 50 cents per kilometre for travelling expenses plus any applicable tolls. However, especially for Sydney and Newcastle locations, I may waive or reduce this charge if I am able to combine teaching with other engagements.

Where air travel is involved, I require my airfare to be paid for together with airport transfers. (A return trip to Sydney Airport from my home by public transport is approximately A$60.)

Accommodation: For two day workshops or other situations where an overnight stay is required, I ask that billet or (preferably) motel accommodation be set up close to the venue. If you are providing billet accommodation, please ensure that it is suitably private and quiet for me to recharge after a busy teaching day.

Class Size: Space and electricity outlets permitting, I am happy to take up to 20 students but am most comfortable with class sizes of less than 16. I will let you know if there are any special equipment requirements.

Teaching Fee: Please contact me by e-mail for details of my teaching fees or to discuss your teaching requirements generally. (I reserve the right to charge a non-refundable booking fee which will be applied against the teaching fee if the workshop proceeds.)