New Zealand Quilt Show Podcast Interview

New Zealand Quilt Show PodcastBlink and a month has passed. I know exactly where it has gone: family time;Symposium teaching/judging/exhibiting; recovering from a wretched cold; a weekend in bed after pulling a back muscle when coughing; gearing up for Houston; and overseas visitors.

Mostly I am concentrating on preparing for my upcoming solo exhibition Natural Abstractions (13 January-14 February 2018) at Gosford Regional Gallery.

In the meantime, here’s a link to my interview with Charlotte Scott, the creative force behind The New Zealand Quilt Show podcast.  We chatted on Day 5 of Symposium and our discussion is wide-ranging.  Eavesdrop here!


  1. Thanks for chatting with me Brenda. I learnt heaps! (And glad you’re feeling better)

  2. I listened to the podcast on my flight to Houston – I made more sense than I thought!