Quilt Symposium 2017 Lecture: The Art of Curating

On my way back home from Festival of Quilts, I stopped in Christchurch, New Zealand for judging for Quilt Symposium 2017. My lips are sealed about the results but I can say that the Symposium exhibition team is busy preparing an exciting collection of competition quilts and special exhibits including a matter of time.

exhibition planning questions

Did I mention busy?! As shown in this rough mind map, exhibition planning raises key questions and a myriad of answers. These are some of the issues that I consider in my Quilt Symposium 2017 lecture on the art of curating.

The Art of Curating: Sunday 8 October 12.30pm (45 minute lecture)

The art of curating brings three distinct imperatives: to select; to organise; and to look after items in an exhibition. Drawing upon more than 12 years’ experience in exhibition administration, including several popular international touring exhibits, independent curator Brenda Gael Smith reflects on the highlights and challenges of these imperatives providing insights and takeaway tips for both artists and exhibition organisers.

The Art of Curating - Quilt Symposium 2017 Lectures

Other Symposium lectures include presentations by:  Luke Haynes, Michele Hill, Jenny Bowker,  Luana Rubin, Pat Archibald, Jacqui Gering and Jane Dunnewold.

If you have already enrolled to attend Symposium activites and want to purchase lecture tickets, tickets are $15 each. Login and purchase tickets at the Symposium Shop. If you are NOT enrolled to attend Symposium activites, tickets are $20 each. Click here to purchase tickets.

PS: To learn more about exhibition planning for Quilt Symposium 2017, check out this New Zealand Quilt Show podcast in which Charlotte Scott interviews  Quilt Symposium Exhibition Convenor Maria Rohs.


  1. I’m really looking forward to your lecture, Brenda! I learnt heaps from interviewing Maria, and I’m going to enjoy hearing your in depth knowledge too.