Weekly Art Project: Week 39

Week 39 has been a bit of a blur with preparations for the Sydney Quilt Show 2017 which opens tomorrow Thursday 22 June and continues until Sunday 25 June (see you there Thursday and Sunday!). I knew it would be busy so I managed to make a textile sketch ahead of time inspired by the tail feathers of the kookaburra:

KookaburraI have never found a tail feather floating around but there are lots to be seen online. I have lots of burnt orange, rust and browns in my stash:

Weekly Art Project - Week 39 - Kookaburra TailfeathersOnce again, the challenge was to simplify the composition to fit the 6x6in format:

Weekly Art Project - Week 39 - Kookaburra Tailfeathers Weekly Art Project - Week 39 - Kookaburra Tailfeathers

More Tailfeathers - Work in ProgressMost weeks I am itching to make a larger version of my textile sketch. This time, I did just that.  This work in progress is approximately 65x80cm

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I look forward to seeing YOUR weekly art project. New participants are welcome to join in at any time.   It would be wonderful to see your work. Be sure to link back to your specific blog/social media post so that we can learn more about your inspiration and process.

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Week 25 of 2017
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  1. This is one of my favorites. Your rendition of the tail feathers is just right – great colors and great composition.

  2. One of my favorites to date, but I’ve said that a dozen times before! When I see one of your posts pop up in my email I get that Christmas-morning feeling. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Whilst I think your smaller one is charming Brenda, I am LOVING what is happening with the bigger piece! I look forward to seeing it’s further development & completion. the colours look great too.