Join me at Festival of Quilts (UK): 10-13 August 2017

I look forward to meeting up with European textile enthusiasts at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham from 10-13 August 2017.  Most of the time, you will find me in the gallery with a matter of time. I will also be giving the following presentations:

  • Driven to Abstraction: Friday 12.30 (45 minutes Lecture)
Brenda creates textile works made from a rich palette of her hand-dyed fabrics complemented by intensive stitching. Much  of her work is inspired by the colour and patterns of the natural world with a focus on her surroundings at the “other” Copacabana in Australia and her New Zealand homeland. Using a process of abstraction, Brenda strives to capture the essence of her subjects in simplified form. Working improvisationally, she refines line, shape, colour and texture to evoke a sense of place, express an idea, highlight an issue or elicit an emotional response. Learn more about Brenda’s inspiration and process in this colourful lecture.
  • Beyond Binding: 3 Artful Finishes: Saturday 2.45pm (30 minutes Demo)
A classic binding is a beautiful thing but it’s not suitable for every work. This demonstration by Australian textile artist Brenda Gael Smith provides an overview of three alternative finishing techniques: facing, fused edge treatment and mounting on stretched canvas. Expand your finishing repertoire and improve your quilts and textile art instantly! Suitable for any level.
  • The Art of Curating: Sunday 12.30pm (45 minutes Lecture)

The art of curating brings three distinct imperatives: to select; to organise; and to look after items in an exhibition. Drawing upon more than 12 years’ experience in exhibition administration, including several popular international touring exhibits, independent curator Brenda Gael Smith reflects on the delights and challenges of these imperatives providing insights and takeaway tips for both experienced and aspiring organisers and artists.

For more information, download the FoQ Talks & Lectures Program

Festival of Quilts Timetable