Dreaming in Colour: Approaching the Finish Line

I finished quilting Dreaming in Colour on the weekend. There have been a few hitches along the way. Don’t you hate it when this happens?!
Here’s a shot showing before and after quilting:
ete Permanently TThere are a couple of changes that might not be immediately perceptible.  The first is that I decided that the blue line at the right end of the orange/yellow square band was too long.  I don’t mind some asymmetry but this was close to a visual hole in the composition.  Dropping in an additional orange/yellow square unit was reasonably straightforward.

dropin1 dropin2
dropin3 dropin4
The other key difference is that the piece contracted across the width with quilting.  I was aiming for 130x75cm (HxW) finished but this was already down to 73ish cm at the narrowest point.  I got out my trusty chalk wheel and auditioned the composition before doing the final trim:
In considering finishing treatments, I dismissed a binding option. A binding might have allowed me to “add” a quarter inch around the perimeter of the composition. However, a heavy dark blue line on the edges of the coloured elements of this design would have been visually instrusive. Besides, on a purely practical level, I did not have enough blue hand-dyed fabric left for a binding.

I have successfully used an overcast edge finish on several works recently.  This finish would preserve the 73cm and I decided to proceed.  I had a heavier weight thread that I thought would be ideal to give complete coverage.  What a disaster!  See for yourself.  Yuck!  This literally gave me nightmares!
This morning, I pulled out the seam ripper and removed all of overcast edging that I had done on two sides. Even though it means the piece will “shrink” a little more, I completed the work with my Favourite Facing Finish.  The piece now measures 131x72cm (HxW), safely within the permitted 5% variation.  Come back tomorrow to see the finished work.

This the latest update in my series of blog posts about the process of creating Dreaming in Colour. I invite you to follow along.


  1. Just lovely, and I think you made the right choice to reject the overcast edge on this one.

  2. Deborah says:

    Ug. Don’t you hate making an error right as you’re nearing completion? I also sometimes find it difficult to make the right design choice when other factors (like size requirements) have to be considered. It’s one of the challenges of entering shows.

  3. I learnt a technique from Carol Ann Waugh(in her Craftsy class Stupendous Stitching) about finishing this way…with the addition of a couching thread like rat-tail….it really works nicely. No loose ends! Here is a link to a brief video about her process:
    I have never tried it on apiece as big as this though!!! I think she goes around a couple of times for a good finish.
    Love your finished quilt!! Good luck in the competition too!