Shibori Sculpture

One of the many things I am trying to squeeze in, before I head out of the studio next week for another adventure in America, is dyeing some shibori pieces for an exhibition in 2012. Some of the taut stitching threads result in weird, other-worldly sculptures:
Shibori Star

Shibori Star
Remember, you can find all sorts of goodies on my Freestuff page including the following shibori tutorials:


  1. Soaking in the soda ash (I am assuming thats what it is soaking in) your creation looks like something you have pulled from the sea. I am anxious to see what it looks like once dyed.

  2. Also interested to see the resulting pattern.

  3. It does look like a beautiful sea creature. I can’t wait to see the resulting piece!

  4. Thanks for the great shibori dyeing tutorials.


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