Get it while you can: 4 Fantastic Quilt Finishing Techniques DVD

4 September 2010: ALL SOLD! but you can still download the instruction sheets for 4 techniques from Quilters Companion

Download Instructions 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Issue #37 of Quilter Companion and my instructional DVD on quilt finishing techniques has been very well received. Apparently in some kind of record, the warehouse ran out of copies weeks ago so, if you happen to see a copy in your newsagent, grab it while you can! In addition, I have some spare copies of the magazine and DVDs in stock that are for sale to Australian purchasers*. The DVD covers the following four quilt finishing techniques:

  • continuous mitred binding;
  • facing finish;
  • pillow case with "escape hatch";and
  • satin stitch/zig zag edging.

In addition, there are detailed instructions, diagrams and photos in the accompanying magazine for easy reference.