Vikki’s Secret to Wholecloth Facings

My list of online tutorials for alternative quilt finishes is proving to be very popular. I am obsessed with this subject at the moment and clearly I am not the only one. In the current issue of Quilting Arts magazine (Issue 31 Jan/Feb 2008), there is an article on wholecloth facings written by Vikki Pignatelli:

Table of Contents, Quilting Arts Magazine Jan/Feb 2008

On the Quiltart List, Vikki writes:

This is a fun and simple way to finish these odd shaped quilts we love to do….I am writing to remind you there is a secret hint you must NOT forget to do when doing these facings! This “secret” will ensure a professional finish to your facing.

On page 23 of the Quilting Arts article in the maroon sidebar “stitching and clipping tips” the illustrations show how to deal with points…this hint applies to points directed inward (valley) and outward (mountain)….follow the stitching line until you reach the point…THEN instead of following the exact 90 degree angle, take an extra two stitches to cut across the tip of the mountain or across the valley. Blunting these points will NOT harm the integrity of your sharp points and it WILL allow them to lay flat when you turn the project inside out. Don’t forget to clip off the tip of the peak (on the mountain) and taper down the sides..this eliminates the excess bulk inside your point. With the valley point, I clip the seam allowance not once, but at least three times (center, either side) so that the curve lays flat when it’s turned.

Quilting by Improvisation by Vikki PignatelliThis wholecloth technique, faux binding and other techniques are described in depth in Vikki’s book, Quilting by Improvisation.

I already have Vikki’s first book, Quilting Curves in my library and Vikki provided early inspiration when I undertook my City & Guilds course. Needless to say, her new book is on my birthday list.