New Zealand Quilt Symposium Update

I am looking forward to judging, teaching, speaking and exhibiting at Quilt Symposium in Christchurch from 5-10 October 2017. It’s not too late for you to be part of the fun! Preferential enrolment has closed but you can still sign up for Symposium lectures, classes and events including two of my workshops: The Modern X… Read More →

Hiking along the Hawkesbury River

Last Sunday, I had a quilt judging assignment in preparation for the Hawkesbury Show that is on this weekend,  5-7 April May. There’s something very charming about agricultural shows. Here’s the jam and preserves class awaiting judging:The show venue is nearly two hours from Copacabana so we decided to take the opportunity to take the… Read More →

Closing soon: World Quilt Competition 2017

Exhibiting internationally can be expensive and stressful but the World Quilt Competition makes it easy for you to share your quilt on the world stage. If your entry is selected, you send your quilt to the competition coordinator in your country who looks after shipping, insurance and customs. Australian entries for this year’s contest close… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 32

Palm trees are scattered around Copacabana. I don’t always like them, especially when they block my view, but they often have pretty flowers. This was my inspiration for Week 32 of my self-guided Weekly Art Project: A post shared by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith) on Jan 20, 2017 at 12:45am PST This a digital sketch… Read More →

Learn online with Deborah Louie

Last year decorative quilt artist and tutor Deborah Louie contacted me about setting up a website. She had a vision to diversify her teaching practice to include online classes. She also had plans to design some new quilting projects and to produce books and templates for those projects. Fast forward and today is launch day… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 31

It’s Week 31 and local bird life again inspired my textile sketch for my self-guided weekly art project. I don’t see king parrots very often but when I do, I usually find them munching on the neighbour’s overgrown weed patch. Here’s a video from a while ago: A post shared by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith)… Read More →

Karkalla: AQC Challenge 2017

Today the Australasian Quilt Convention 2017 opens in Melbourne and I am delighted that my artwork Karkalla features as a finalist in the AQC Challenge Made in Australia: Flora and Fauna. Karkalla aka pig face (carpobrotus rossii) is a succulent coastal groundcover plant native to Australia. From late spring into summer, it forms a vibrant… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 30

It’s week 30 of my self-guided weekly art project and the bird theme continues. This time my attention turned to galahs – pink breasted cockatoos. Galahs like to forage on foot in grassy areas. Our home is hopelessly devoid of anything resembling lawn so we don’t see them in our yard but they do congregate… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 29

This week didn’t quite go as expected and I woke up this morning without any textile sketch in progress or even an idea of what Week 29 would feature. Then I heard the cackling laugh of some kookaburras. A post shared by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith) on Apr 12, 2017 at 12:14am PDT Instantly cheered, … Read More →

Twelve by Twelve Colorplay Book – Available Now!

As a member of the Twelve by Twelve International Art Quilt Challenge, I am excited to announce that we have self-published a book that documents our second series – Colorplay. This is a catalogue-style publication with an introduction by Diane Perin, mosaic images for each of the 12 challenges and images and artist statements for… Read More →