Tutorial: How to Attach Textile Art to a Stretched Canvas

This tutorial show one method for attaching your textile art to a stretched canvas in a way that allows for the work to be easily removed later if desired. Experiment and see what works for you.  There are many options available. Background For a while now I have been wanting to try mounting my small… Read More →

How to Plan an Exhibition Layout

As part of my continuing series for my Curator Knowledge Resources page, this post sets out a method for designing an exhibition layout to scale using Photoshop Elements software. I find it a useful way to help visualise the exhibition and you may too.  (NB: This tutorial is in metric but you can apply a similar… Read More →

A “D” for Quilt Sleeves

Do you get a “D” for your quilt sleeves aka rod pockets?  I do!  and I don’t mind saying so.  Making a sleeve with plenty of allowance to accommodate the hanging rod/dowl/baton helps to ensure that the quilt hangs well without bulging or distortion along the top.  The other thing you will notice is that… Read More →

Seven Easy Ways to Resize Images

This tutorial sets out seven easy ways to resize images.  It concentrates on my go-to photo-editing tools – Photoshop Elements and the Photogene iPad app – but also covers free photo software  GIMP,  Irfanview, and Picasa 3 and some built-in features of Microsoft software and Macs.  As this is a long post, here is a table… Read More →

How to Add a Pinterest Slideshow in WordPress & Blogger

Kate Themel, regional representative for SAQA Connecticut, recently shared how to create a slideshow of the 2013 SAQA Benefit Auction quilts using the slideshow widget in Blogger linked to SAQA’s Pinterest board of auction quilts.  After some online research and some poking around, I worked out how display recent Pinterest pins from my own boards in… Read More →

Special Hand Dyed Fabric Giveaway

It was a busy day in the Serendipity Studio at the Craft and Sewing Show in Melbourne yesterday. Here are some results from the dyeing session. The luscious purples and plums for the start of the colour wheel fabrics: And some Shibori samples: This is my last show as 2012 Guest Artist and, not surprisingly,… Read More →

Printed Quilt Label Tutorial

This tutorial sets out one method for preparing washable, printed labels for quilts and textile works. I have tried lots of methods and products and find this method quite efficient, reliable and economic for my purposes. (Some people may not like the plastic sheen and texture of the transfer.) You will need: Epson Iron-On Cool… Read More →

Elf Shoe Napkin Tutorial

It’s always interesting to see what engages readers. Currently the most popular post on this blog is not quilt or textile related but a humble snap of some elf shoes I made from paper napkins for Christmas a few years ago. Indeed, there has been such a surge of visitors via Pinterest that it seemed… Read More →

Newcastle Craft & Sewing Show: Days 3 & 4

Today is the last day of the Newcastle Craft & Sewing Show and I will be demonstrating dyeing and painting techniques until 4.30pm. You can also find FREE TUTORIALS on my website.

Shibori Sculpture

One of the many things I am trying to squeeze in, before I head out of the studio next week for another adventure in America, is dyeing some shibori pieces for an exhibition in 2012. Some of the taut stitching threads result in weird, other-worldly sculptures: Remember, you can find all sorts of goodies on… Read More →