Weekly Art Project: Week 39

Week 39 has been a bit of a blur with preparations for the Sydney Quilt Show 2017 which opens tomorrow Thursday 22 June and continues until Sunday 25 June (see you there Thursday and Sunday!). I knew it would be busy so I managed to make a textile sketch ahead of time inspired by the… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 38

There are more than 170 Banksia species native to Austalia and, for week 38, it’s high time this plant is featured in my weekly art project. Out and about on my daily walk, I found this beauty with russet cones: A post shared by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith) on Jun 9, 2017 at 2:20pm PDT… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 37

It’s been a busy week working on exhibition administration for QuiltNSW and Ozquilt Network so this is what my Week 37 textile sketch looked like earlier today.And here is a work in progress shot later in the morning: This is a fiddly design to piece. Working at the 6x6in scale, I have become fast friends… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 36

It’s that time of the year again. There’s a chill in the air, the flannel sheets are on the bed and the migrating whales are starting to appearing on the horizon. I saw my first pod of humpbacks yesterday. I didn’t have my camera to hand but they looked something like this video from the… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 35

Say hello to Mr Cockatoo for Week 35 of my self-guided Weekly Art Project.  These flamboyant characters gather in squawking flocks that patrol the Copacabana neighbourhood (and wreak havoc chewing on cables and gables). Here’s a blurry photo of a couple surveying the surf:Continuing with a focus on shape, I selected the cockatoo crest for… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 34

Black swans are the subject of my textile sketch for week 34 of my Weekly Art Project. I find perverse pleasure to live in country that is home to a creature once thought to be impossible. Here’s a photo of one of these beautiful birds cruising on the lagoon at Copacabana: A post shared by… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 33

Week 33 of my weekly art project finds me back in the water. I’ve been enjoying some autumn swims and seeing the blue groper (achoerodus viridis) lurking by the rocks. Blue groper come in wonderful colours and majestic elongated oval form. This a photo that Richard Ling shares under a creative commons licence on Flickr:… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 32

Palm trees are scattered around Copacabana. I don’t always like them, especially when they block my view, but they often have pretty flowers. This was my inspiration for Week 32 of my self-guided Weekly Art Project: A post shared by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith) on Jan 20, 2017 at 12:45am PST This a digital sketch… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 31

It’s Week 31 and local bird life again inspired my textile sketch for my self-guided weekly art project. I don’t see king parrots very often but when I do, I usually find them munching on the neighbour’s overgrown weed patch. Here’s a video from a while ago: A post shared by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith)… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 30

It’s week 30 of my self-guided weekly art project and the bird theme continues. This time my attention turned to galahs – pink breasted cockatoos. Galahs like to forage on foot in grassy areas. Our home is hopelessly devoid of anything resembling lawn so we don’t see them in our yard but they do congregate… Read More →