Weekly Art Project: Week 31

It’s Week 31 and local bird life again inspired my textile sketch for my self-guided weekly art project. I don’t see king parrots very often but when I do, I usually find them munching on the neighbour’s overgrown weed patch. Here’s a video from a while ago: A post shared by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith)… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 30

It’s week 30 of my self-guided weekly art project and the bird theme continues. This time my attention turned to galahs – pink breasted cockatoos. Galahs like to forage on foot in grassy areas. Our home is hopelessly devoid of anything resembling lawn so we don’t see them in our yard but they do congregate… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 29

This week didn’t quite go as expected and I woke up this morning without any textile sketch in progress or even an idea of what Week 29 would feature. Then I heard the cackling laugh of some kookaburras. A post shared by Brenda Gael Smith (@brendagaelsmith) on Apr 12, 2017 at 12:14am PDT Instantly cheered, … Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 28

Week 28 of my weekly art project considers the intriguing crevasses of a banksia cone. Banksia integrifolia  is endemic to the coast and my studio is surrounded by banksia trees. With the recent warm and wet weather, they have had a growth spurt and I have booked the Laundry King in to trim the tendrils… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 27

For Week 27 of my Weekly Art Project I am revisting a familiar theme. Some of you may recall that I set [rainbow] Lorikeet as the palette for the Twelve by Twelve International Art Quilt Project Colourplay challenge. These bright coloured birds feed on the banksias outside my window studio and entertain me with their antics. They… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Midpoint Review

It’s Wednesday which is reveal day for my Weekly Art Project.  I have my piece for Week 27 completed and ready to share but will save that for tomorrow. Instead, in this midpoint review I will look at the results of my poll, announce the winner of my celebration giveaway, address some questions that have… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: 22 March

I am currently having a wonderful time teaching at Grampians Texture in Halls Gap, western Victoria. The Grampians National Park is very different from my coastal environment and I have been enjoying the different sights, sounds and smells. The forest fragrance after the rain was divine and, after nearly 30 years of living in Australia,… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 26 Celebration

It’s 26 weeks since I started my self-guided weekly art project. It’s the half way mark and I am still inspired! Today I share my latest textile sketch – Cockatoo Feather.  What designs appeal most to you so far? I would love to know – leave a comment or vote in my mini-poll below. I… Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 25

Week 25 of my weekly art project celebrates flannel flowers, an iconic plant native to the Sydney region that blooms abundantly on the Copacabana heathland in the spring. Flannel flowers have a daisy-like form but apparently belong to the same family as carrots, parsnips and celery. On reflection, some of my petals are too plump…. Read More →

Weekly Art Project: Week 24

The crimson rosella is a rare visitor in my neighbourhood and I’ve never been able to photograph it. Nevertheless, the parrot’s colourful hues of intense red, black and blue feature in Week 24 of my weekly art project: View the Copa Abstractions collection from my weekly art project so far. I look forward to seeing… Read More →