Join me at Festival of Quilts (UK): 10-13 August 2017

I look forward to meeting up with European textile enthusiasts at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham from 10-13 August 2017.  Most of the time, you will find me in the gallery with a matter of time. I will also be giving the following presentations: Driven to Abstraction: Friday 12.30 (45 minutes Lecture) Brenda creates… Read More →

a matter of time at Gosford Regional Gallery

My current curatorial project, a matter of time, is on exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery until 22 March 2017.  I invite you to join me for a curator floor talk and morning tea at 10.30am on Friday 10 March 2017.  Please RSVP to the gallery at (02) 43​04 7550.  All welcome!

a matter of time at Gosford Regional Gallery

As a curator, one of my goals is to promote textile art in gallery settings to reach a broader audience so I am delighted that a matter of time tours next to Gosford Regional Gallery, Gosford, New South Wales, Australia 18 February – 22 March 2017. The official opening is at 6.30pm on Friday, 17… Read More →

Tutorial: How to Attach Textile Art to a Stretched Canvas

This tutorial show one method for attaching your textile art to a stretched canvas in a way that allows for the work to be easily removed later if desired. Experiment and see what works for you.  There are many options available. Background For a while now I have been wanting to try mounting my small… Read More →

Invitation to a matter of time in Adelaide

Come along to the Craft & Quilt Fair  in Adelaide: 3-6 November 2016 and explore the fourth dimension in cloth in the exhibition a matter of time. I will be presenting a curator floor talk with local artists Suzanne Gummow, Julie Haddrick and Alvena Hall at 12.30pm on Thursday, 3 November only. All welcome! I… Read More →

Shipping Textile Art: An Act of Faith

I was introduced to the risks of shipping textile art very early.  In 2000 I lovingly packed up my second quilting project, and first-ever baby quilt, and sent it by courier to England. My pregnant friend did not receive it; at least not straight away.  Upon investigation, the courier company could find no trace of… Read More →

a matter of time: photography day

Here are some snaps from photography day for the exhibition a matter of time. I ordered a 25mm hard polystyrene sheet from a local supplier and arranged for it to be cut into three panels – each approximately 1220x810mm. This size was big enough to hold the artwork and, importantly, could still fit in my… Read More →

a matter of time: curatorial tasks

It feels like I’ve been lost in time lately.  Since my last post, I have been engrossed in multiple projects including: working with the QuiltNSW exhibition subcommittee on the implementation of the new Sydney Quilt Show 2016 online entry form.  This fully-integrated form enables entrants to submit their entry and pay securely by credit card… Read More →

moment of truth: a matter of time

The artwork for a matter of time is starting to arrive at Copacabana.  It’s so exciting! Photos rarely show the full character and texture of textile artworks.  I am looking forward to sharing this exhibition in the cloth.  In the meantime, I invite you to read about the a matter of time selection process. Left… Read More →

a matter of time: vital statistics

How many entries featured clock motifs as the dominant sub-theme? how may rusted entries were there? is applique still the front running technique?  All these questions and more are addressed over at a matter of time-vital statistics. And, of course, there’s the odd pie chart and bar graph too! Related posts: a matter of time:… Read More →