Studio Photography

New year, new studio photography trick (or why didn’t I think of this earlier?!)

I usually photograph large works on my design wall. Pinning heavy pieces, and keeping them straight, is a challenge/chore and light coloured works don’t show up against the white background. I have never used a hanging rod, because the studio roof is low and angled and there is no beading around the ceiling to drill into.

Then just today, only thirteen years or so after the studio was first constructed, I worked out that I could loop some string around the speaker brackets on the wall and suspend a hanging rod from there. And I can pin a white or black sheet on the design wall for a clean background.  Voila!

studio photographyPS: The clothes pegs are part of the installation of Secret Women’s Business: Every Woman Bleeds and would not normally be used.



  1. Candy Walker says:

    There is an old Liverpool saying (it’s bleedin’ obvious) which seems appropriate 🙂 Always the possibility to make things better, easier, etc

  2. Lisa Chin says: