Dreaming in Colour: Taking Shape

Dreaming in Colour is starting to take shape.  I am so glad that I introduced the triangle/quadrilateral elements.  As I was working on this piece,  I was reminded of the parabolic lines and shapes that feature in the colourful works of Australian artist Michael Johnson.  Or am I just imagining things?!
dreaming-in-colourwip5dreaming-in-colourwip6I was a little concerned that I might run out the blue background fabric but, scrolling through the Michael Johnson image search gives me some ideas on how I might address this if I do.

Another challenge, that always arises when making a work to a specific size, is to factor in enough allowance for the work to contract during quilting and finishing. The goal is to make this 130x75cm (HxW) finished although the Imagine contest rules provide for up to 5% variation in any direction.

This the latest update in my series of blog posts about the process of creating Dreaming in Colour. I invite you to follow along.


  1. Stephanie from Perth says:

    Yes, I could see a colour shift happening here