Flange Binding Tutorial

It’s funny how the same idea can reach you via different media. Just this week I followed a Facebook link to Susie’s Magic Binding tutorial – a fun technique where you sew two strips together to create a flange binding that is attached completely by machine.  Then I opened Quilters Companion Issue #67 (the one with my quilt on the cover!) and read a review of the Franklin Shortcut Binding Tool.  The first tutorial uses a 1 1/2 +1 3/4in strips while the binding tool uses narrower strips at 1 1/4in and 1 1/8in.  I am not convinced that you really need the tool but this video shows you how this technique works.


  1. Brenda! Thanks for sharing this. I’d not seen this technique but it looks useful and easy. I’m on a kick to finish some quilts that have been in the closet for far too long so I have binding ahead… I will be trying this out!