After the snow

I love the hush of a morning snow shower. This was my view when I got up on Boxing Day:
Boxing Day
It was quiet for a while but then came the sound of road ploughs, snow blowers and salt machines to clear the roads and footpaths. We went for a walk before the sun came out and melted the snow.
Lititz Run
Main St Lititz


  1. margie creek says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your photos of the US….I’m wondering where you are when these photos were taken.
    I live in Toowoomba, QLD…and have for the past 40 yrs. We’ve had many return visits to the home states of Maryland and New Jersey. With family in numerous states, you have hit a lot of them. It always interesting to see through the eyes of a visitor. Thank you…it’s been a nice Christmas present. Toowoomba is supposed to get to 37oC tomorrow. Cheers, Margie