Holiday Rituals

We generally spend alternate Christmases in America with the Laundry King’s family and various rituals have developed over the years: we hijack his sister’s car and and the radio on the Christmas music station; we shop for See’s candy ( the Nuts & Chews are the BEST) ; we check out the Christmas lights in South San Francisco; and so on. Last night we sat down to watch a Christmas movie. We got sound but no picture. And so began another holiday ritual which entails grown men fiddling with electronics for hours on end. I have no useful advice to proffer in this scenario. Instead, I concentrate on my stitching. With or without Christmas movies, I am making great progress!


  1. The comment regarding electronics made me chuckle. With three offspring, DH and I have always managed to stay up with technology, just to keep a step ahead if we could (or at least equal). In our house though, I also retreat to my sewing or knitting after calling in the 19 year old daughter – she has the magic touch with misbehaving computers, electronics, etc, and can solve problems much faster than I can! However, my downfall is the remote control – try as I might, I can’t master even a simple remote. Quite absurd and embarrassing but there you are! (This probably explains why I spend far more time sewing and knitting than I do watching TV or movies, not a bad thing. I do find computers much easier to deal with.)