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As part of preparing for the retirement of Google Reader, I took the opportunity to review my subscriptions. There were a lot of blogs on my list that are no longer active. I deleted other blogs as they no longer hold my interest. Finally, there were blogs that are new to me and I wanted to ensure I get regular updates. Here, in no particular order, are some blogs that are relatively new on my radar:

  • Culture Professionals Network: creative thinking, advice and connections for the arts and heritage community from The Guardian.  I enjoyed this recent article by Susan Jones  What are artists really worth? Funding, friction and the future of art which refers to this artist’s manifesto:
    1) Be active: support each other
    2) Be active: be an activist
    3) Be active: be an artist.
    4) Value yourself, your time and your skills
    5) Share your knowledge and resources
    6) Focus, strategise and plan.
    7) Be critical, be fair
    8) Know your rights
  • Travel in Textiles: Ruth Clifford has a passion for Indian textiles and has completed a Masters by Research focussing on the development of designs in the ajrakh block printing of Gujarat for contemporary markets. Her blog embraces all kinds of textiles;
  • Thomas Knauer Sews: Thomas is a designer, quilter, author, essayist and former academic who writes very thoughtfully about the nature of making and modernism;
  • Historically Modern: Quilts, Textiles & Design is a new blog by Barbara Brackman about the traditions of modernism, with an eye to textiles, prints and interior design and how today’s quilters can build on the past;
  • SAQA Oceania: a blog for and about the members of the Studio Art Quilt Associates from the Oceania region;
  • Ask Harriette: Harriete Estel Berman offers professional advice for arts and craft community;
  • Bood and Feer: my foodie sister Amy and her friend Kate have started this blog showcasing food and beer matches with great recipes to keep my husband, the Laundry King, happy;
  • Fiber Arts Calls for Entry:  learn about exhibition opportunities such as Living Colour!

The blogosphere is a dynamic place. If you have recently discovered a blog (on any subject!) that you are enjoying, leave a comment with a link.

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  1. Not a recent find, but I love Christine Kane’s blog.

    Inspiring without being mawkish, v practical. Clear and pithy. Love it.

    BTW – went to feedly after Google Reader, and it was ho hum on my computer, but on my Samsung tablet, I love it (once I worked out that it operated differently on the tablet). Very happy now.