Quest for Kasoundi

One of the things I enjoy about teaching is that it broadens your horizons. I am not just talking about the rewards of teaching others something new or even travelling to new places; it’s the whole experience. For example, a week or two ago I taught Serendipity Circles at a weekend retreat of Riviera Quilters in East Gippsland, Victoria. (You can view their projects in progress in the Serendipity Circles Student Gallery and below). Gourmet, home-made savoury pies were on the menu for Saturday lunch accompanied by a selection of relishes and salads.

Now, maybe I had a sheltered kiwi upbringing, but I have somehow made it through life without ever knowingly eating kasoundi, a spicy tomato relish with lots of cumin and mustard seeds. Yum! I bought the leftovers home with me and then set about to make some for myself. While I chose a recipe with way too much oil, and not enough cumin flavour to my taste, I am not deterred. (Besides blending up all that ginger, garlic and chilli was great for my head cold.) If you have a favourite kasoundi recipe, I’d love to have the details!

Serendipity Circles with Riviera Quilters

Serendipity Circles with Riviera Quilters

Serendipity Circles with Riviera Quilters


  1. Hi= your students and you have created wonderful work! I love the Serendipity Circles! Do you have more posts about them? Or do you have an online book or tutorials? I’d love to learn more. Again- they look great!

  2. Love all the circles! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. anne schofield says:

    It was wonderful doing the fused circles as a workshop. Wonderful tutor at riveria quilters in March.