Twelve by Twelve Book Giveaway

There’s a great flurry of list-writing happening in the Serendipity studio as I start to think about packing and flying to Houston to join eight of the Twelves at the International Quilt Festival from 2 – 6 November. I am SO excited at the prospect of seeing BOTH the Theme Series and the Colourplay Series on display (that’s an amazing 288 quilts!) and meeting the other Twelves in person for the very first time.

I am also keenly aware that not everyone can travel to Houston. Accordingly, I have decided to hold a blog giveaway to brighten up the day for one of my readers at home. Just leave a comment on this post (or on my Serendipity Facebook page) on or before 9am, 31 October (Copacabana time), and your name will go into a draw to win a copy of the BOOK – Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge. In your comment, I’d love to hear about what you would like to see or do at the International Quilt Festival.
Twelve by Twelve:The International Art Quilt Challenge


  1. Oh Brenda, if I was ever able to go to Houston, I’d LOVE to meet up with all my online friends I’ve known for so many years. To see all the quilts of course, but mostly to meet up with people..
    Have an AWESOME time!!!

  2. I’d love to soak in all that creativity and be challenged by the amazing results of others who have worked using techniques and ideas I haven’t tried/don’t know about/would never have considered. If only I could remember it all when I returned home!

  3. Houston? Well – where does one start? The quilts of course first off to wallow in the amazing colours, patterns and styles – so much to learn. Just to see what is happening out there in the world of quilting. Then of course the fabrics….. and the gadgets…..
    Most of all perhaps some of the workshops, just to be in the presence of so much talent, let alone work at their feet as it were. And the people, the atmosphere…. one could go on and on. I would just need a memory transplant so I could recall it all later… LOL

  4. Kristin McNamara Freeman says:

    Oh what a dream it is to think about one day going to the International Quilt Festival in Houston. My desire would be to spend my time looking at the art quilts, the applique traditional quilts, slowly, taking in details…and if time, to look at other quilts. It would be sheer delight to meet face to face with folks with whom I have communicated for over ten years on-line; to hear their voice if they have not been on an on-line video or on a Quilt-Art DVD, and to just be surrounded by the wonderful creative energy that exists in the world of quilters and all fiber worker folks. I would write and write in my journal at night to capture on paper my memories and feelings about being in Houston.

  5. One day… I know I will go one day, but if I were there this year it would be great to meet all my blog friends, and you guys, and look at your quilts and all the others, and basically need a holiday in a sanatorium from the the visual overload.
    You know I already have a copy, but I would like to get one for our quilting group as wee have just got our new rooms and are setting up a library.

  6. Joaan Pettett says:

    Much as I would love to be able to go I know it will not happen. Due to health problems it just isn’t a possibility.My daughter has been there and had a wonderful time.It would be great to meet up with some American girls that I have written to and penpals . It would also be so uplifting to take classes with some of the teachers that I have admired from afar. Learn some new techniques . I wish you girls much success in your endeavours.Enjoy and have fun.

  7. Helen Evans says:

    I went to Houston last year, ended up in hospital and had to be flown home – so I haven’t really been. But the little I saw of the show (I row!) gave me a taste for so much more. It is an event that cannot be described – but I would love to give it a go and write about it for all my friends at home. To meet internet friends, make friends I have yet to meet, would really be the highlight for me, as well as re-stocking “the great wall of fabric” and buying all the latest gadgets for my new passion – art quilts. It would be a dream come true after the disappointment of last year an all my years of planning!

  8. I came over from the Aus_NZartquilters group. I just read the 12 x 12 book – a copy from the library – and have been recommending it to everyone. I’d love one of my very own!
    Houston? Well, everything! Classes, exhibitions, lectures… but especially the exhibitions. But I’d like to take my armchair so I could have a wee sit down and regroup before I went round for the second, and probably third and fourth, times!

  9. Thanks so much for your comment on our 12×12 Group site re our NZ Quilter article! Yourself & all the other Twelves have been such an inspiration to our group so personally thank you so much! We got together just yesterday for our 7th reveal & it really was an inspiring few hours! I love Terri’s mosaic/decoupage background so I tried it this time as I have been trying at least one new thing each quilt! You book has been so well produced and I just think it is so fantastic! I really hope you will produce one for your Colourplay Challenge as I think it is just as good as your Theme Challenge. I over seeing each mosaic with their common colours but such different quilts. As for Houston, I am sure one day I will make it there (just not in the near future) especially to see the amazing talent on exhibition! However until then there is plenty of amazing talent on your Twelve By Twelve site & all of your individual sites! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  10. That was supposed to say…..I LOVE seeing each mosaic….

  11. I hope you have a marvellous time in Houston. it would be great to meet up with some of the other 12 * 12 people again.
    I love all the work you do and hope to see lots more in the future.
    best wishes
    margaret L

  12. Laura Gamaleri says:

    My work hanging there!
    Can’t wait.
    Last year I went to Houston for the first time in my life. It was a long (and expensive) journey form Italy, where I live.
    When I was back home, my husband said to me: “Don’t ever think to do it again until one of your work will be exposed there” He was joking because he thougth it was impossible……instead I’ll be back this year!

  13. It is very unlikely I could afford to travel from the UK but if my lottery numbers came up I’d be off like a shot! I would love to be able to see so much fantastic work in person and meet some of the talented people who make them!

  14. Just to soak up the atmosphere would be wonderful and of course to see all the beautiful quilts and shop to my heart’s content at the stalls.

  15. Thanks for offering a chance to win this book, Brenda. If I’m ever fortunate to get to Houston Festival, I think I would be overwhelmed by everything. Especially the vendors!!

  16. I get overwhelmed at the “larger” type shows and I think Houston would put me in a coma. I’d just have to stand still and absorb all the wonderful energy and creativity flowing around me.

  17. er … how about ” D: all of the above” ? !
    – I would want to see everything and do everything!!!
    (and go everywhere and meet everyone)

    … I probably wouldn’t know where to start … probably head for the first shiny thing that caught my eye and end up wherever I end up after having looked at a zillion things and talked to everyone under the sun and and totally overloaded my senses … then I would be sad it was over and want to do it all again …

  18. I doubt I’ll ever get the opportunity to go to Houston, but I’d easily spend the full week!! One or two days wouldn’t be enough. Quilt shows are like museums for me – I spend HOURS and HOURS on just one or two exhibits. I really appreciate my local quilt shows because I get the see up close others’ stitching techniques, piecing and applique techniques, etc. As fantastic as blog pictures are, I always learn so much from seeing a piece up close in person, if that makes sense?

    Now, the vendors at Houston is a whole other story!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Beyond the fabric and notions goodies, I like seeing the quilts in the vendor booths. Gives me a good idea of the new trends in colour, etc.

  19. I would like to be able to see all the quilts and have time to focus on them and take in all the skill that has gone into creating them.

  20. ahhh Houston… Mecca for all quilters. I have been once, and if I was lucky enough to go again I would take my Mum, who is a passionate 78 year old quilter. I would use my previous knowledge and stay at the hilton – nice and close to take all that shopping back to my room, and easy for mum to coem and go… I would go on the shop hop again.. American quilt shops have to be seen to be believed!!! After Houston I would take mum to Lancaster County to do the “Amish thing” and to stock up at Zooks….

  21. Mindy Myint says:

    To dream of the Houston International quilt show! I was hoping to go this year but my doctor/s tell I will need surgery during the time of the show. Perhaps by next year I’ll be feeling better and can finally attend for the first time. I have heard so many wonderful stories about the show, the classes, and all the great vendors: it sounds like quilter’s dream version of Disney World.

    Your book sounds delightful and it would certainly brighten my day. I have my fingers and toes cross. Hugssss!

  22. HELENA MERRICK says:

    Hi Brenda, I hope you are overwhelmed at the thought of waking up in Houston, ready to meet and greet everyone you know. I have never been to the show, so I cannot imagine what I would want to do first, do I look at the quilts, or just hit the vendors. Whatever I decide on the day, I know it will be a memory I will treasure for the rest of my “quilting” days.
    Thank you for offering the book as a prize, I love art quilts depicting a theme or color.

  23. Have a great time in Houston. Love the 12 by 12 concept – inspirational! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Pretty sure I will never do Houston…but if I won the lottery I would not need a hotel…I’d be soaking it all up 24/7, spending up big, drooling over vintage quilts, and my camera shutter finger would get RSI. Hope you have a magic time.

  25. Just to get there would be wonderful, to see all the eye candy, and get inspiration. The book would be the next best thing, I would love to have one
    Thanks for the opportunity, Have a great time there.

  26. I.d love to go to Houson and I’d like to own a copy of 12×12 Inspiration would be amazing .. Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. OOOh not sure where my comment went Id love to go to Houston and Id love to win the book !

  28. Mary LeTard says:

    Enjoy your new I Pad & Houston.

  29. a trip to Huston is still in dream stage – where all the best ideas germinate! If going to Huston this year it would be to see the Lone Stars III exhibition, the 12×12 exhibition (SO exciting more of you are getting a chance meet, after working together so well for so long!!) and also to see a friend’s quilt hanging!! lso to catch up with quilters I have known for years on line and participated in Round Robins and swaps with! A side trip to the Rothko Chapel is a must…

    Cheerio, Kirsten :))

  30. I would like to really see all the vendors and learn more about products and services. I am a new quilter and am really into building my stash, tools and knowledge base.

  31. The special exhibit quilts are what I would love to see.

  32. I am on the road to Houston. Really getting excited. The anticipation is almost uncontainable. My sister and I are attending this year. It has been 18 years since I attended last and that was with my mother who is now deceased. My sister is a longarm quilter and I am a “wanta be.” We’re going to take in the creative inspiration and rub shoulders with all the many exciting quilters from around the WORLD…maybe a little talent will rub off. It would be great to win a copy of the book as a memento. So much to see and do at IQF. I’m READY!!!!

  33. If I ever have a chance to come to Houston, I will embrase the inspiration and join as many classes as I can! Thank you for offering the book as a prize.

  34. If and when I get to Houston I will browse, take classes, shop and most of all be inspired!

  35. I love the concept of your book and have enjoyed seeing each member’s interpretations of the challenges. I think I found Terri Stegmiller through your blog. Or was it the other way around? ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. cat stone says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful book. I dream of going to Houston but due to some health problems, I doubt it will happen. If I WERE lucky enough to go, I’d head straight for the exhibits and bypass the vendors. I’d want to find out what people are doing with fabric and thread, new ways in which quilters are ‘pushing the envelope’ so to speak – I always find that others manage to do more than I ever thought possible. The vendors are also a great way to spend some time and money, particularly for newer quilters, but I don’t want to be tempted by new ‘things’- I want to be inspired by colour and design and creativity and imagination (and maybe get a chance to meet some fabulous quilters whose work I have admired in the internet).

  37. Elizabeth Munro says:

    Dear Brenda,
    I have loved watching the progress of the Twelve by Twelve project after I was first given a guide through of it by you at the 2010 AQC in Melbourne. I would cherish a copy of the Twelve by Twelve book as a constant source of inspiration.

  38. I would love to soak up the creative knowledge at Houston. See all the amazing quilts and quilters and then try to buy up at the quilt stalls.. My idea of heaven really!!!

  39. Hi Twelve Ladies, You give new meaning to ’10 out of 10′ – Quilters everywhere will understand that you are 12 out of 12! I recently enjoyed ‘Stitched – The Film’ and would love to see more on a DVD about Houston. I guess I might still be overwhelmed when the time finally comes for a real visit to the International Quilt Festival. I think big – I’d like to do the world circuit!

  40. Les Clarke says:

    Twelve by Twelve your quilts are wonderful I would love to go to Houston maybe one day hope you all have a ball

  41. It would be wonderful to be able to travel to Houston but alas that is not to be so perhaps i will be the lucky one to win one of your books. If ONLY!!

  42. I’ll be in Houston – look forward to seeing the full collection! I’d love to win the book as a permanent reminder!

  43. Karen Dean says:

    How pleased I was to see a selection of the Twelve By Twelve groups work in Melbourne 2010. I have been inspired by their rise to each challenge (even more so as I follow the website ) and how diverse some of their choices . To be in Houston knowing that 288 of their quilts will be displayed and some of the Twelves will be meeting for the first time in person – such a monumental occasion, I would just like to say THANK YOU and enjoy !

  44. I’m so excited that this fabulous collection will be touring next year as I’ve always wanted to view it in person. I’ll plan to travel to see it with some of my equally eager quilting buddies!

  45. The Houston show sounds like a wonderful experience, but sadly not for me this year. I will have to wait till you tour your work in OZ again! Have a fabulous time – I’, sure you will meet soem greta people and they wil LOVE your work.

  46. Going to Market one day in Houston is on my bucket list. I’d love to take some classes, see some awesome quilts and not have a budget where I could buy whatever I fancied. hehe. I’d love to see what’s new and coming out though, both in material and patterns. Maybe some new designers? Anything you find interesting or inspiring I’m sure I would too.

    Thanks for the giveaway of your book and the chance to win.


  47. Shawna G. says:

    I’m a new quilter and if I went to Houston I’m sure I’d pass out with all the excitement. lol. I’d love to see all the quilts and of course shop!! Thanks for a chance to win.


  48. I’ll be in Houston and looking forward to seeing them in person! meantime, I’d love to win a copy of the book.

  49. Oh please bring your 12 x 12 exhibit to the Chicago area for those of us in the midwest who cannot travel to Houston.
    I would love to win your book.
    thanks for the opportunity.


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