My preoccupation with stripes, coupled with the preponderance of greens in my stash, is manifest in Grass:
Grass Quilt in Progress by Brenda Gael Smith 2007
The finished strips vary in width from 1/4in to 1 1/4in. The overall size is 140cm x 100cm (55″x 39″). There is still some finishing to be done and the colour is washed out in this photo.


  1. Love the grass! How wide are the strips? THey look very narrow.

  2. Ditto the width question…

  3. …and how big is the whole quilt?

    It’s fabulous. The subtle curving is very elegant.

  4. whoa! did you piece that? I love it, really I do. mmm stripes. very good. lovely shots of deep darks in there, and it’s big for an art piece. Big is good. finish it. hang it up!

  5. Beautiful, Brenda!

  6. Your quilt is just gorgeous!!!! I just love greens. Are you adding anything to the border? It would be so amazing with out one and finished just as it. I saw in a magazine that I get that showed how to finish the edge without binding.