Beating Blogging Fatigue

Maybe it’s my imagination or I’m projecting my own malaise, but a touch of blogging fatigue seems to have set in quilt blogging circles. Posts become less frequent and more distracted and then fade out, sometimes completely. Over at the Blog Herald, Jason Kaneshiro picks up on Kent Newsomes’s succinct outline of the five stages of blogging (from creation to abandonment) and then highlights what keeps him keeping on blogging:

  • Comments left by readers;
  • Responding to what I read on other blogs via my own;
  • Setting internal goals that don’t rely on external validation;
  • Writing series of posts;
  • Giving back;
  • Striving to be a decent blogosphere citizen;and
  • Honest blogging.

It is often remarked that “everyone can blog but blogging is not for everyone”. What keeps you going?


  1. Not too long ago I discovered the pleasure of reading blogs and have been inspired to start my own blog. I endeavour to post at least once a week. I have noticed a few of the blogs I regulary visit have gone on hiatus and am hoping they return. Keep on blogging.

  2. i’ve been reading blogs for quite some time and only recently started my own mainly to keep me busy stitching. Like the previous comment, I try to post at least once a week whether it be about stitching or travel. Its sad to see that some of the regular blogs have faded away, as many of them have inspired me to carry on stitching.

  3. What keeps me blogging? I’m beginning to wonder. When I started my blog I made the conscious decision to keep it textile related and mostly I have succeeded, but of course that does limit things hugely.

    There are those who could probably make a bag of potato peelings sound interesting, but why write about soggy peelings in a textile blog? Mostly though, my own blog malaise centres around that most precious commodity, time.

  4. Comments – I get a real buzz out of knowing that I said somthing to which someone else responded enough to want to comment. Or as my mother wouls say… I just have to be the centre of attention!!

  5. I’ve only recently started blogging. I’m still in de phase that I still like to look for new features and add them to my blog in the hope it makes it a little nicer to read/visit. I’m also still looking for new blogs on quilting. It amazes me how many people are out there who quilt and blog. It is very inspirational.
    I hope to keep the blogging up. I’m like most, the main purpose is to inform about quilt related subjects, but I add also a little about myself and other things I’m doing. My mission is to publish at least once a week. But some weeks are more eventful then others.
    I agree with Kent on what keeps me going: comments left by readers; reading other blogs, being honest and sincere, set internal goals.
    What discourages me? The slowness of progress on my quilts.

  6. The question for me is: what prevents me blogging more often? Two things – lack of time and the degree to which my brain is dead after a day at work. It’s no coincidence that I blog more frequently on weekends.

  7. Honestly, I like to hear myself talk… I like the record of what I am doing, I like to go back & see my plans come to fruition, I love to see that when I do things awkwardlt or oddly that I am not alone. I have never had a comment that said, “I’ve never heard of that.” or “You are the only one that does that.” Which makes the world just a little bit smaller, warmer, & happier. – At least for one blogger.

    Besides no one locally wants to hear about how much I like this fabric & what I plan to do with it…

  8. I blog so that my friends and family know I am still alive and they can see what I am doing with my time. If other readers come it is a bonus. Comments keep me going. It affirms my decisons on works in progress and also lets me know I am making someones’s day brighter. Mine is primarily quilt content with a little personal thrown in.

  9. It’s August.

  10. I like knowing there is a world wide quilt guild of friends at my fingertips. I love sharing my little corner of the world with others, & I love seeing thiers in words & pictures.

  11. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments on blogging sustenance and sustainability. While I don’t measure my blogging worth by the number of comments I receive, it is very encouraging when a post prompts such feedback.

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