Naming Rites

A while ago, I mentioned how some friends and I are participating in a challenge drawing inspiration from the improvisational piecing of the quiltmakers of Gees Bend. I cannot find an online image of my inspiration quilt but, if you have a copy of The Quilts of Gees Bend book, you will see the simple motif that features in the quilt of Mary L Bennett on page 116. And here is my interpretation using hand dyed and batik fabrics from my scrapbag:
Firebrand Work in Progress
I don’t like to let my quilts go too far without being named. I’m I calling this one Firebrand. My own name, Brenda, happens to mean flaming sword or firebrand but I’m happy to share my name with a quilt. Do you like to name your quilts?


  1. I love this quilt already. I don’t have a name for mine yet but I can think of several potential names based on recent discussion (private joke). No sewing on it this week.

  2. I find naming the quilt the hardest part. Once in awhile the perfect name will pop up during construction. You definitely chose a good name for that one.

  3. Monica Johnstone says:

    Naming them seems like a part of the process (like binding or labeling). Your name seems a very good choice. For mine, I’m leaning toward something like Part Way Around the Bend.

    The photo of your quilt makes it look like tissue paper collage somehow. Cool effect.

  4. Your love of color is very evident! The quilts just showing on this page are exciting!

    Yes, I name my quilts and find this easy. I’m new to having a quilting blog, and find that looking at the blogs of others is highly motivating. Now I want to sew (but have to do some laundry – boohoo).