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Homeward Bound

When I showed my sister my baby quilt-in-progress, she reminded me that her friends had expressed a preference for the colour red. Mmm, I really quite like the colour red, not that you would know it from looking in my stash where it is strangely limited in appearance. In a flash of inspiration (my sisters… Read More →

Playing with Colours

I thoroughly enjoyed my dyeing workshop yesterday. In addition to reinforcing some techniques I was familiar with, I tried some new exercises. Here are some indicative results – gradient of greens; transition from blue to fuschia; and a triadic set:        And here are some resist/shibori pieces. The first is folded fabric and the second… Read More →

Way over in WA

I’m off to a dyeing workshop today and hope to post some photos later. In the meantime, I have been enjoying the “Visitor in Your Home Town” meme that is making the rounds. Vicarious travel is fun but I will soon be making a very real journey across the continent to Western Australia. I have… Read More →

Finding my rhythm

Whenever it feels like I am starting to get bogged down in a project, or it has been a while since I have had a decent stretch at the sewing machine, I find it refreshing and rewarding to make a simple cot quilt that doesn’t require much concentration. Accordingly, today’s project is made up of… Read More →

A New Dawn

I won’t give you a blow-by-blow analysis of my time-keeping results to date. Suffice to say that, quite predictably, actual quilting time has been minimal and then not especially productive. For example, believe it or not, this is all I have to show for 7+hours of quilting on Sunrise-Sunset: Whereas for Unplugged! I quilted the… Read More →

A hive of industry

Whoops, Maggie’s Mum was meant to be much too busy to be reading my blog and seeing what we are up to. To preserve the surprise element, yesterday was decreed to be a no-blog day. Besides, Maggie and I have been very busy. Together we have made 15 small quilts in less than two days!… Read More →

Making things with Maggie

This is for my sister Amy who, perhaps with an eye to monitoring my aunt potential, sent me this e-mail: “I keep looking at your blog to see what you and Maggie have been up to – but there are no more updates yet!” Yesterday Maggie went to riding school and got to hang out… Read More →

Supermarket trolley rage

Let me preface this post with a disclaimer or at least some weasel words. In my INTJ/ISTJ (system building/over-developed sense of responsibility) way, I am normally punctilious about returning my supermarket trolley to the official designated trolley collection area. Furthermore, occasionally I have been known to glare meaningfully if not actually say something to those… Read More →

Aunt Practice

I always thought I had the makings of a fun and crazy aunt. However, since none of my five siblings has yet created any nieces or nephews for me, this theory is largely untested but today my 10 year old friend Maggie is coming over from New Zealand to stay for a short while. We… Read More →

Cosmic Dust

After the anti-climax that was Haley’s comet, I didn’t take much notice of this week’s news that Comet McNaught would be visible on Australia’s southwestern horizons. But, lo and behold, last night I saw it and it looked exactly like a comet should – a bright ball of fire with a long tail lit up… Read More →